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Based in New Bern, North Carolina, I have eight years' professional sports photography experience covering primarily college sports, obstacle course racing, and road races.

As a staff photographer for d3photography.com, I have shot 19 NCAA Division III national championship events and covered fall, winter, and spring sports at several colleges throughout the Southeast.

I also have extensive experience in obstacle course and road race photography, having shot for Spartan Race, Rugged Maniac, Bonefrog, Savage Race, Mud Girl Run, Muddy Princess, and Terrain Race.

Since 2021, I have covered six road races, including the Ironman North Carolina, Blue Ridge Marathon, and City of Oaks Marathon in downtown Raleigh.

While I specialize in action sports photography, I also enjoy capturing the natural beauty and wildlife of North Carolina and the surrounding region. 

Events I've Covered (2016 to present)

NCAA Championships
NCAA Div. 3 Men's & Women's Soccer Championships (2016-19, 21-22)
NCAA Div. 3 Indoor Track & Field Championships (2022)
NCAA Div. 3 Outdoor Track & Field Championships (2021)
NCAA Div. 3 Women's Basketball Championship (2019)
NCAA Div. 3 Swimming & Diving Championships (2019)
NCAA Div. 3 Men's Basketball Championship (2017-18)
NCAA Div. 3 Football Championship (2016)

Obstacle Course Racing
Spartan Race (26 events, 2018-22)
Rugged Maniac (7 events, 2021-22)
Savage Race (3 events, 2021-22)
Bonefrog (3 events, 2021-22)
Mud Girl Run (3 events, 2021-22)
Terrain Race (2 events, 2022)
Muddy Princess (1 event, 2022)

Marathons & Road Races
Charleston Half Marathon - Charleston, S.C. (2023)
City of Oaks Marathon - Raleigh, N.C. (2021-22)
Ironman North Carolina 70.3 - Wilmington, N.C. (2022)
Tobacco Road Marathon - Cary, N.C. (2022)
Blue Ridge Marathon - Roanoke, Va. (2021)  

Other Events
Virginia Beach Brawl Junior Volleyball Tournament - Virginia Beach, Va. (2023)

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